Two-Year-Old Hero Saves Twin Brother From Fallen Dresser

Bowdy Shoff is only 2 years old but he proved that there is no age requirement if you want to be a hero.

Bowdy and Brock are twins who were climbing on the drawers of a dresser when it suddenly fell down. Bowdy was able to get away from the fallen dresser without problem. His twin brother was not so lucky and got stuck at the edge with the dresser above him.

Bowdy didn’t realize that his brother was stuck at first but when he did, he tried to find ways to save his brother. He tried lifting it but it was too heavy. Then an idea came to his mind and pushed the dresser with all his might. Then it worked!  This little toddler became a hero.

Their mom admitted that she just went out from the room for a minute when the incident happened. She confirmed that the twins were not hurt during the incident.

They shared the video online to promote awareness of bolting furniture to avoid similar incidents.

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