Uber Treat: Random Lucky Passengers are Picked-up in a Bugatti Veyron

Uber is slowly becoming the mainstream way to get a convenient ride. But it is still like an automotive roulette, you won’t know what you are getting until the ride arrived.

Image: YouTube / Coby Persin

Coby Persin, a New York-based YouTube star, decided to give Uber passengers in Dubai a treat. He took over a friend’s Uber account and picked-up lucky passengers who get to ride a Bugatti. His friend uses a Toyota Previa to pick up people so the Bugatti is quite an upgrade.

Well, luxury cars are quite common in Dubai but Bugattis are not going to be the normal Uber car anytime soon so this is definitely an amazing experience for the passengers.

Persin is a social experimenter and a prankster so this all boils down to recording how the passengers will react if picked up by a Bugatti. The passengers are certainly not expecting the luxury ride so their reactions are quite priceless.

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