Unbelievable: She Twists and Turns Herself So Naturally. The Last Part Will Shock You

When she started her performance for Switzerland’s Got Talent, it looked like the judges weren’t impressed at all.

But when she removed her black hood, everyone is blown away. The one performing is none other than Nina Burri, the famous yoga contortionist and her choice of music is Tina Turner’s classic cover of “Golden Eye” from the James Bond soundtrack.  Her performance combines both classic and modern elements that leaves the audience and judges in awe of her amazing abilities. (I was even a little worried while watching her, thinking that she might hurt herself with her performance.)

Nina Burri is from Berne, Switzerland. She is a contortionist, dancer and model–she started taking ballet classes at age six and became a professional ballet dancer. After her successful career in ballet, she decided to study and pursue contortion in China to become a pro circus performer. All her intense training and hard work paid off because everyone was beyond impressed when they saw her performance.

When I watched this video, it’s almost surreal, the things she can do. It ended WAY too soon though– I wanted to see more of her performance. Maybe she wanted the audience to be left wanting for more.

Watch her jaw-dropping performance by clicking the play button below and SHARE if you were not expecting THAT!