Unbelievable: Shocking, Heart-Stopping Moment When Doctor Pulls Knife from Man’s Eye Socket While He’s Awake!

Carefulness is a must when inside and outside the house. Accidents are everywhere. We don’t know when danger is coming.  We wouldn’t know when accidents would strike so we should always take care and be safe all the time.

Now, doctors are used to varying medical emergencies everyday (different kinds of wound, a bomb victim and a car accident victim or more gross happenings in their patient).  But for normal people, watching and seeing this kind of emergency or situation is just a little weakening to watch.

In this viral video, a man needed medical assistance because a large kitchen knife was stuck in his eye socket. Yikes! Yes, this is a true video and this happens to be a fair warning to us to be safe at all times. As you can see, what appears to be a kitchen knife is seen sticking out of the eye socket of a man and we see him sitting in a portable hospital bed surrounded by concerned doctors and nurses.

The video captures the horrifying and heart-stopping moment when doctors pull the knife out of his eye- while he’s still awake! But weirdly enough, during the time of the removal, he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. At first, it becomes difficult to remove, but the second attempt was successful, thankfully. (Some say that the patient is heavily sedated during the operation that’s why he was so calm the entire time). No further information leaked regarding the matter. The place, time, people involve are not provided due to confidentiality.

Watch the heart-stopping video below:

If you were there during the time, what would you have done? Share with us your thoughts and comments below.

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