UNBELIEVABLE: This 4-Year-Old Russian Girl is Going Places, Literally… Because She Can Speak 7 Languages!

Bella Devyatkina is not your ordinary 4-year old. She can speak English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and Chinese including her native language, Russian.

Bella sings in Spanish. Source: YouTube.com
Bella sings in Spanish. Source: YouTube.com

Watch her display her linguistic prowess in the Russian television show, “Amazing People” in the video below. You might speculate that it is just a product of memorization but she is showing that it is more than that by performing actions like reading, singing and getting into actual conversations.

Her mother, Yulia Devyatkina does not think that Bella is a prodigy but simply a product of teaching effort and dedication. However, the sheer magnitude of this unbelievable display of talent is something we have never seen before. Do you think Bella is a prodigy?

Bella’s mother is an English teacher and a linguist and she has been teaching Bella different languages since she was 10-months old. She also had nannies with different Nationalities so they open up additional language learning options.

Learning multiple languages at an early age does not guarantee language fluency upon growing up but it is certainly a very good foundation.