Unique Hotel Offers “A Room With A View” — Underwater!

In search for a new environment to spend your holidays and vacations? Nowadays, people opt to take one-of-a-kind adventure trips for their vacations and holidays.. How about trying this– sleeping underwater with fish? Sounds cool and exciting, right? Genberg Underwater Hotels is exactly the place to do it.

The essence of the concept of this project is living underwater, making it even more exciting and amazing. Truly a one of a kind experience if ever you get to try it. As quoted in their website, Genberg Underwater Hotels takes pride in “stimulating the most typical of Swedish dreams: to have a small Swedish red house with white gabies on your own island. On top of that you can spend your night three meters underwater with panoramic windows in all directions. There is a remarkable feeling to go to bed while the fish are surrounding and watching you carefully. You are in an aquarium – for fish to be beholders of man. Often boats come quite close to get a glance of the daring inhabitants. Swedish boat people are however always very polite and never take more than two trips around your room!”

Mikael Gernberg, the man behind the idea of the floating r0om/hotel had his first creation of an underwater hotel room called Utter Inn (Otter Inn) which can be found in Sweden, which give its visitors and occupants a dazzling and mesmerizing underwater view of Lake Mälaren, And now, the Manta Resort’s new room on Pemba Island in Zanzibar is a another one of a kind island hotel room, floating and anchored above a shallow coastal coral reef. Check out these awesome and cool photos of this underwater hotel! underwater-hotel-the-manta-mikael-genberg-1

How about waking up to gentle waves rocking your bedroom? 🙂


And looking past your bedroom window, for a change, you don’ feel the scorching heat of the morning sun, but rather, see a school of fish swimming? 

underwater-hotel-the-manta-mikael-genberg-8     And at night, you’d feel as if your watching a movie just by looking outside your bedroom window—seeing underwater animals glow and swim past your view? Sounds cool, right?  underwater-hotel-the-manta-mikael-genberg-5 underwater-hotel-the-manta-mikael-genberg-7

Wow, I totally like the idea of this floating hotel! How I wish I could experience this one-of-a-kind vacation in the future. 🙂 

underwater-hotel-the-manta-mikael-genberg-3     underwater-hotel-the-manta-mikael-genberg-4     underwater-hotel-the-manta-mikael-genberg-9     For more information on their hotels, you guys can check out their website, http://underwaterroom.com/the-story/. Have a great day everyone! Source: Genberg Underwater Hotels (via boredpanda.com)