Unique Moneysaving Techniques Work for Two Malaysians

Saving money, and actually becoming successful at such, has quickly become a trend nowadays. Two Malaysians have recently gone viral after posting their own unique ways of saving money.

Azlin Hashim Aqra recently shared through a Facebook post the unique way of how she was able to save RM8915 (US$2,000) in a span of just one year.

Image from the Facebook account of Azlin Hashim Aqra

According to her, she sets aside all RM5 (US$1) and RM20 (US$4) notes and puts it away in her piggy bank for safekeeping. She started doing it on 1 January until 31 December 2017. On 1 January 2018, she opened her piggy bank and counted how much she was able to save. She found out that she already had 349 pieces of RM20 notes and 387 pieces of RM5, amounting to more than RM8000 (US$2000).

Image from the Facebook account of Azlin Hashim Aqra

Meanwhile, another Malaysian also shared his own way of saving money, but this one does not involve any RM20 notes. According to Khangwei, he tried saving money using his friend’s method of putting aside RM20 each day. However, he could not keep it up so he devised his own money-saving technique.

Every day, Khangwei sets aside one piece of RM5 and RM1 notes into a bottle. If he has no RM5, he replaces it with five RM1 notes. If he has neither RM5 nor RM1, he sets aside RM10. Lastly, he puts one RM50 (US$12) into his bottle whenever he receives his salary.

In just three months, Khangwei was able to come up with an amount equal to his one month salary.

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