United Airlines Forces Woman Disembark Due to Ticket Mix-Up, Makes Her Miss Dying Mom’s Last Moments

United Airlines is in hot water again after making a woman disembark due to a ticket mix-up with the travel agency she bought the ticket from – but it sadly led to her missing her dying mom’s last moments after she missed the flight.

Carrol Amrich of Pueblo, Colorado was distraught after receiving a call from her sister that their mom, Dixie Hanson, was hospitalized in Minnesota. Because she had no money to buy the plane tickets, her landlord Ines Prelas offered to pay for her expenses using a credit card.

Ines was even the one who called Traveler Help Desk to book Carrol a flight to Minnesota the following day as tickets were cheaper than if she would fly that day. The landlord paid for the $585 United ticket. But a couple of hours later, Carrol’s sister called again that their mom’s condition had worsened and that she might not last through the night.

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A desperate Carrol asked Ines for help again. So, Ines called United and paid for the extra $75 for Carrol to be placed on standby for a flight that would leave that day. The United agent assured them that the rebooking was valid and Carrol can get into the flight.

Immediately, Ines rushed Carrol to the airport to catch the flight. The woman made it past the check-in counters and boarding gates with no problem at all. But when she boarded the plane and had finished stowing her bag, agents arrived to escort her out after telling her the ticket has been canceled, making it void and not valid for the flight.

Carrol cried, begging the agents to let her fly as she was set to visit her dying mother but United stood firm on its decision, telling her she has to have a ticket for the flight because ‘no one flies for free’ but because hers was voided by the agency, then she has to disembark.

Disheartened, Carrol asked Ines for help again. The latter begged the agents to let Carrol on the flight, promising to pay for the tickets but the ground crew refused and told them there was no time for Carrol to buy the ticket and board the plane.

The plane left without her. Still trying her best to reach her mother before it was too late, Carrol drove as fast as she could from Colorado Springs to Minnesota, all the while talking to her mother on the phone and telling her to hold on.

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But the old lady was too weak. She died while Carrol was still halfway through the 1,000-mile trip.

Angry over what happened, Carrol’s landlord shared the story on social media. People slammed United for being heartless and not allowing her to take the flight considering that it wasn’t her fault that her ticket was voided.

The ticket agency also said they were just trying to protect her from fraud.

We had no way of knowing this was a change by Ms. Amrich directly with the carrier. We voided the ticket to protect Ms. Amrich,” said Carolyn Gallant, customer-service supervisor for Traveler Help Desk.

Meanwhile, Ines received a call from United’s Chicago headquarters, asking for Carrol’s address so they could send her flowers but the angry landlord blasted the airline, telling them the flowers weren’t needed because it was compassion that Carrol had asked from them at the time when she needed it the most…

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