Upon Learning that His Dog is Dying of ******, This Guy Takes Her on a Fun-filled Bucket List Adventure

When his 8-year-old dog and best friend Reyes was diagnosed with ****** and was given only a few months to live, Todd Burchanowski was devastated as he “loves her to *****” but he also knew that moping around would not solve anything or make her impending ***** easier for both of them.

So, Todd decided to embark on a fun-filled bucket list adventure of some 80 things to do with Reyes before her time comes.

The duo who hail from Pennsylvania went on vacations to fulfill the bucket list, which included things like traveling outside the US, enjoying the sunset together with a best friend (each other, of course), and visiting the Niagara Falls. There are also simple things like enjoying a bubble bath and making a snowman.

While trying to complete the bucket list with Reyes, not only was Todd also having fun but made a few realizations like being re-energized by this fun adventure they are doing together even if it has to end soon with the dog’s impending *****.

Sometimes in life you get stagnant, but by me doing all of these things with her, it’s kind of re-energized my life. I hope people can do this for themselves, or with their loved ones as well,” he said.

On February 3, Todd said goodbye to his best friend. Even if he eventually lost her, it was still wonderful that Todd was able to make the journey with his best friend and that she experienced lots of fun before she had to go…

Here are some photos of their completed items on the bucket list:

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