US-Based Pinoy Brothers ‘Convert’ Their Amazon Alexa to a Hilarious Pinay ‘Tita’

Filipinos call older women as ‘tita’ or ‘auntie’ even if they are not related. Much older women are called ‘lola’ (grandma) while ‘ate’ is used for someone just a little bit older than you.

Now, Filipinos have certain customs and beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation – and these are often ‘imposed’ by titas and lolas, especially when they notice that the younger generations seem to have forgotten these.

Photo credit: Frost and Ken / Facebook

Or titas could act like your second mother, even if you are unrelated; they would remind you of what you should do and admonish you when you make a mistake.

Recently, US-based Pinoy brothers Kevin (nicknamed Frost) and Ken Francisco made a funny parody video featuring their Amazon Alexa which they ‘converted’ into a Pinoy tita.

Photo credit: Frost and Ken / Facebook

If you’re unfamiliar with Alexa, it is Amazon’s upgraded version of Apple’s Siri. You talk to virtual assistant device to ask it to do things, such as make a shopping list, play your favorite music, search for something on the internet for you, tell you about the weather, call or text someone, and many others.

Photo credit: Frost and Ken / Facebook

But unlike the regular Alexa, the Francisco brothers ‘converted’ theirs into a tita – and it often contradicts what they want it to do, advising them to do or use something else instead. While that might be strange, even annoying if this was for real, the skit was rather hilarious.

The ‘Tita’ greeted the two with “Hello, Ma’am, Sir”, the standard greeting you might get at a restaurant or mall outlet in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Frost and Ken / Facebook

Feeling amused at their new gadget, Kevin asked the Tita to help him find a girlfriend but just like any other Pinay tita, the gadget told him he does not need a girlfriend but should focus first on his studies. LOL.

What’s quite amusing is that when he went to the toilet and found it they ran out of toilet paper, Kevin asked Tita to put that on the shopping list but the gadget told him to use a tabo instead! A bewildered Kevin asked what a tabo was; raised in the US, he had no idea that tabo (water dipper) is commonly used in toilets at homes in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Frost and Ken / Facebook

There were other hilarious retorts and advices from this funny Tita that got a lot of Filipinos laughing.

But the last of the gadgets antics was perhaps the funniest of all. When asked by Frost to access the playlist and play some music, Tita readily agreed but instead of playing music from the playlist, it sang Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, karaoke style – just like what titas would do in the Philippines.

This video is so funny, right? I’d love to have a Tita, too! LOL.