Using $500 from a Sponsor, These Three Guys Managed to Make Lots of People Happy!

Christmas is truly the time for love and sharing! This is what Daniel Gummel, Chad Wilson and Ethan Dewhurst – the three guys who comprise the group called “Springfield USA” which shares positive stories about Springfield, Ohio – set out to bring back to the community.

Using the $500 they received from sponsor LWS Tax and Accounting Services in Springfield, the trio went around town to bring Christmas cheer to as many people as they can share the money with.

Now, handing out the money in crisp bills would have been much easier but the team thought it would be more fun and meaningful if they used the money to buy stuff before sharing it with others. So, they bought flowers and shared it with some folks at what appears to be nursing home or a hospital.

They also gave away free gas and car washes to a number of people. Goo Goo Express Wash in Springfield General Manager Alex Pridemore wasn’t sure what to expect from the three when they began shouting about free car washes. Upon learning that the guys were sharing some money with Goo Goo’s customers, Pridemore gave away more car washes! He also participated in a dance with the guys.

Gummel admitted that they felt wonderful not just in sharing the money they received from the sponsor but also in seeing that many of the business establishments were inspired to become more generous to their clients.

Many of the businesses gave away freebies and many recipients shared the money they received, sparking a long chain of “paying it forward”. This is truly wonderful!

Watch Springfield USA spread the Christmas cheer in this fun-filled video:

Merry Christmas Springfield!Spreading Christmas cheer in Springfield thanks to our friends at LWS Tax & Accounting! Enjoy the video and have a very Merry Christmas!

Posted by Springfield USA on Tuesday, December 22, 2015