Very Cheap Yet Unbelievably Useful Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier. The Car Headlight Hack is Awesome.

Life hacks are small, simple things that could make your life easier in a way you least expected it to. These are tips from creative people who’ve gotten through the same frustrations you have – and learned to invent a way to make the task easier.

These life hacks are so simple that you’d surely be scratching your head in disbelief, saying “why didn’t I think of that?”. Don’t worry, these are quite effective and don’t come with a high price tag. In fact, most of these will be using everyday items you’ll find at home.

Check out some of the top picks we’ve gathered for you to enjoy.


Most people appreciate fitted sheets but have a hard time folding the sheets after doing the laundry. Instead of simply bunching up the sheets and dumping them in a box in the closet, try this life hack instead.


Putting hair straighteners into good use.


Special space-saving hangers are quite expensive but you can actually make your own using soda pop tabs. So, don’t discard those cans without removing the pop tabs…and invest in wire hangers, of course


If your bathroom does not have an extra faucet but you need to fill the pail with water, this life hack can be quite useful (although a lot of people prefer to use the shower if there’s one in the bath).


If your keys look the same and you have a hard time finding the right one you need, then, this life hack will make door opening a breeze.


Toilet paper rolls actually have plenty of uses. Organizing a box of cords is just one of them. So, the next time you run out of toilet paper, you might want to keep the cardboard roll.


This one will really come handy in the future. Plus, you will be able to keep track of where your stuff are. Plus, your friends will readily return your stuff knowing that you have evidence it is with them.


If you’re having a hard time getting those stems from strawberries, straws could really come handy.


Now, why didn’t we think of that???


For this one, you could also use a pair of scissors, of course, but the blister packs are often too hard for a small pair to cut.


You’ll never have to worry about finding the end of the tape the next time you need to use the roll.


Say goodbye to unsightly paint marks at the sides of the cans while you putter around the house, doing some DIY paint job.


Here’s another great use for toilet paper rolls.


Toothpaste is actually a versatile cleaner which can be used to clean not just your teeth but your car’s headlights as well.


You’ll never have to deal with dirty shower residue after you read that life hack!


Barbecue parties have just gotten more creative…and easier.


That would be clean, unused dental floss, of course.


Bet you find drinking from a can so much easier after this.


You don’t have to throw that sliver of soap away!


You can make cheap ice packs from a wet sponge and a plastic bag.


You don’t have to buy a new keyboard just because the old one’s  feet are broken.


…and here’s another great use for paper clips.


Bet you haven’t tried this before!


Lastly, here’s how you can enjoy mouthwatering bacon pancakes!