second skeleton

VIDEO: 600-Million-Year-Old Fossil Remains of Tiny Humans Found in Antartica

The fossilized remains of a small person was recently discovered in Whitmore Mountain Rock in Antarctica.  The fossil was found inside an old rock.  It was hidden in a rock that has been there 600 million years ago.

first skeleton
Image captured from Youtube/ UFOMania – The truth is out there

There are stories that aliens were inhabiting the area; that is why the group of explorers first came there.  However, what they found there weren’t dinosaur remains as the old rocks have hidden some evidence of little people that were fossilized and trapped.

second skeleton
Image captured from Youtube/ UFO Mania – The truth is out there

Dr. Marley of Cambridge University, a paleontologist, said that 600 million years ago, there were no humans living in the world. That was the time when jellyfish first appeared on Earth.  In fact, there weren’t even dinosaurs that time. The fossil was uncovered from an old sedimentary rock, which they broke in half.

Inside was the proof that these small men lived 600 million years ago.

It might be that these humanoid creatures were smart since they are able to exist during that time.  It is said that nothing could have lived in that time since it would be hard to find some food.  Experts believe that these humanoid creatures are not alien.  During that time, the only existing life was from the sea.  Living on land would be so tough but the discovery has shaken all that belief.

According to the California Museum of Paleontology, “The fossil history of life on Earth has been pushed back to 3.5 billion years before the present. Most of these fossils are microscopic bacteria and algae. However, in the latest Proterozoic — a period now called the Ediacaran or the Vendian, and lasting from about 635 to 542 million years ago — macroscopic fossils of soft-bodied organisms can be found in a few localities around the world, confirming Darwin’s expectations.”