[Video] Baby ‘flown’ by balloons gets a lot of attention online

A video of an adorable baby while being flown by balloons has been getting a lot of attention online.

On FacebookJust Girly Things uploaded a video and some photos of the child. The person lifting the baby managed to hide himself; creating an illusion that the child is being flown by the balloons.

“I am flying,” read the short caption of the video and photos.

A lot of Facebook users commented on the post.

“It’s adorable,” KM said.

“This is so cute,” JV commented.

“Someones holding her at the back but still it’s so cute to see her enjoying it,” JL wrote.

As of posting, the video already has over 15,000 shares, more than 30,000 reactions, and nearly 2.5 million views.

Anything cute truly entertains online users, especially a baby as cute as she is.