Video Documentation: Man Divides the Internet after Claiming to have Successfully Mailed Himself in a Crate from UK to the US

A YouTube vlogger known as Kill’em claimed to have successfully mailed himself in a self-made crate from UK to California. He is known for his ridiculous antics like crossing lakes and seas using a Zorb Ball. He also have video documentations of him spending a night in a trampoline, in a bouncy castle in the middle of a lake or hiding inside an IKEA furniture store.

He certainly likes to ‘mail himself in boxes challenges’ but his latest stunt of mailing himself from the UK to the US had the internet divided. Yes, it is literally divided. The video with over 6 million views had over 84 thousand likes and 84 thousand dislikes.

Using a self-made crate with ‘fragile’ markings he was mailed from the UK to Los Angeles, California. He made several holes in the crate to keep it ventilated and equipped with the basic survival kit: food, water, smart phone, extra batteries, a power bank and a passport.

YouTube vlogger Kill’em claimed to have successfully mailed himself in a crate from UK to the US. Image: YouTube / Kill’em

It makes up for an amazing video if he ‘actually’ pulled it off. The comments in the video are on the extremes. While  regular fans thinks it is amazing, half of the viewers are not buying it.

For starters, if the video was real, it was simply illegal. One of the top comments says: ‘I don’t wanna get caught. I’ll be in serious trouble. Post it in the internet for millions to see.

Most people expressed how impossible and dangerous it is which could only mean that it did not actually happen.

But whether it happened or not, Kill’em probably achieved the purpose of getting more views and subscribers.