Joke Video Gets Audience Gasping after 81-Year-Old Man Joins American Ninja Warrior

The heart-pounding competition series called ‘American Ninja Warrior’ which airs on NBC is clearly one of the most challenging competitions one could join – and certainly among the most enjoyable to watch. If you’ve been watching the show, you know how difficult it can be to finish the challenges.

For certain, only those who are fit are able to finish the race. Age is, of course, a big factor because this is a physically challenging competition.

Can you imagine an 81-year-old guy joining the competition? I definitely can’t! And many people can’t believe it but there’s this one guy who joined the competition. The legendary Arthur Hickenlooper hails from Denver, Colorad and managed to complete the course, albeit a few pauses to regain his breath.

Check out his unbelievable performance here:

Do you think he really is an old man? Well, you’re right – he’s not! Arthur Hickenlooper doesn’t really exist and if you’ve been paying attention, his name was merely lifted from John Hickenlooper, the governor of Colorado who was watching the performance of his fake namesake.

In reality, Arthur Hickenlooper was played by American Ninja Warrior legend Brent Steffense who had to undergo 5 hours of makeup to create the old character.

Check out this big reveal:

The competitor’s old ‘wife’ is actually the real-life mother of the show’s host, Matt Iseman. And if you’ve been closely following the show’s social media pages, you would know that she had also starred in another joke video on the show.

Check this out and have a good laugh:

P.S. Did you get the joke? Hint: Check out her fingernails…

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