Video Makes Kids Answer “How Are You Different?”, Proves They Aren’t Judgmental Like Adults

How do kids view other children? Do they also look at skin color and handicaps just as adults would?

A video made and shared by BBC Family & Education News makes kids answer the question “How are you different?” while paring them friends who look completely different from them in terms of outward appearance.

The kids’ responses touched the hearts of millions of people because they just proved that kids are not judgmental like adults. These kids have opened their hearts to their friends and though they do see the differences, for them it does not matter at all and are not such a big deal.

Take for instance the white-skinned kid whose best friend is a dark-skinned child with no arms. When asked how they are different, she answered that she’s good at gymnastics while her friend is good at smiling! Isn’t that adorable?

Photo credit: BBC Family & Education News / Facebook

She’s good at counting, and I’m good at hiding,” another girl declared.

Two boys were actually having a hard time deciding how they were different until they finally found a ‘major’ difference: one was good at playing tig (tag) while the other was good at hiding in the den. Awwww. Cute.

What makes the video even more adorable is that the kids were actually paired with their friend who is of a different race yet not once did they make mention of their friends’ skin color or race.

Some adults who watched the video believe the kids were taught about what they should and should not say to the camera or that this clip was edited to remove the ones that didn’t conform to what the producers wanted to make.

Photo credit: BBC Family & Education News / Facebook

Many pointed out that kids often say what they think and that appearances are a big deal to children yet others defended the kids.

One woman wrote, “To all the people saying kids don’t see the colour difference… of course they do!! They just don’t see it as a notable difference that needs pointing out!😊”

To which another one replied, “Exactly! Kids aren’t stupid, they SEE color differences, but why comment on it when it’s not a DIFFERENCE, since they both have skin.

Your heart will surely melt at these kids’ adorable answers: