Video of 4-Year-Old’s First Aerobatic Flight with Dad is the Cutest Thing You’ll Watch Today

A 4-year-old girl has gone viral after the video of her first aerobatic flight with dad was shared on social media – and we promise you it will be the cutest thing you’ll watch today!

The clip shared by UNILAD shows a girl sitting at the back of a small plane. As the plane ascended, she could be heard giggling in excitement.

With the video also clearly seen in the background, it was soon easy for viewers to realize that this was no ordinary plane flight because the aircraft soon made a vertical turn in the air – and clouds could be seen going past the upside down plane!

Screenshot from video by UNILAD / Facebook

While many of us would probably get scared at this point, the little girl only giggled harder! Whoa! This little one was truly enjoying herself, for she was not giggling nervously but was actually laughing heartily as the plane made several vertical loops.

Many of those who commented on the UNILAD post commended the girl for her nerves of steel while others also praised the parents for raising such a fearless kid.

Check out this clip and laugh along with this cute kid…

What can you say about this fearless one?

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