Video of a Mom’s Lies for Her Children Goes Viral, Shows Mothers’ Sacrifices for Children

While there are certainly exceptions to the rule and reports of moms doing the opposite thing, most moms would do anything and everything for their children, even if that meant sacrificing a part of themselves so their kids will survive.

Recently, a video went viral about the lies that a mom told her children. But these weren’t lies that made her a bad person but actually showed the many sacrifices that any mom is willing to do for her kids, especially if they are poor and do not have enough resources for everyone’s needs.

Photo credit: NTD Inspired Life / Facebook

With the family being poor, food was scarce but the mother in the video would always make sure that her son gets to eat – even if that meant giving him her portion of the rice, telling him that she wasn’t hungry. It was a lie, of course, but she wanted to make sure her son doesn’t go hungry. She goes to bed with an empty stomach but her heart was full.

Photo credit: NTD Inspired Life / Facebook

As the child grew older and the family suffered through more challenges, the mother sacrificed more. She took more jobs to feed the family, even if that meant not getting enough sleep each day. Yet when her son told her to rest, she lied that she wasn’t tired.

It surely is difficult to be both tired and hungry as you work hard to feed your family but this mother lied and told them she was alright. It was a huge sacrifice to make but her love for her family is stronger than hunger and fatigue.

Photo credit: NTD Inspired Life / Facebook

On and on, the video shared about this mother’s ‘lies’ and each one will make your heart bleed…

Watch this tear-jerking video:

Can you also recall your mother’s ‘lies’ to you? Kudos to all moms!