Video of Beautiful Girl Dancing Like a Real Barbie Doll Goes Viral

A lot of girls are fascinated with Barbie, the doll. Many of them wish they were like Barbie but most don’t act on such fantasies after realizing as adults that it is next to impossible.

Of course, there were those who acted on their fantasies, spending thousands of dollars just to look like the real life version of Barbie. But some were actually blessed to have natural looks similar to the perfect doll.

One of these is a dancer with a stage name of Dytto who went viral not just for her gorgeous looks and Barbie-like appearance but also for her Barbie-like dance moves!

Photo credit: Rami Morad / YouTube

Dytto attended the World of Dance and presented her rather unique dance which makes use of popping and robot-like moves so that she would look like a life-sized Barbie dancing on the stage. Such a talented young lady!

She didn’t even have to wear clothes that exposed too much skin. In fact, she wore high-cut boots, high-waist pants, and a printed long sleeved shirt that surprisingly flattered her figure even with the conservative look.

On stage, the young lady acted like a Barbie, creating a dance that showed limited moves because she’s impersonating a doll. It was simple yet also complicated, something that has greatly appeared to the audience.

As of press time, the video has been viewed close to 32 million times on YouTube. Impressive, eh?

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