Video of Fish Trying to ‘Escape’ from Supermarket Goes Viral, Sparks Debate

Fish migration inside the supermarket?

Netizens are making funny jokes about the fish swimming in the aisles of a supermarket at some unknown location. In the clip, dozens of fish could be seen in the aisles as the workers tried their best to catch these, to no avail.

This is the Russian dogfish migration which happens every year across most chain of supermarkets in Russia they fill the supermarkets with a small amount of water, open the doors of the freezers and then just wait for the ice to melt until the fish are set free and then try and brush them into the lake outside and I have no idea what I am talking about,” a top commenter joked.

Of course, it was obvious that the store’s aquarium got broken but netizens still made jokes about the fish trying to escape, anyway.

While the video got a lot of laughs from netizens, many weren’t pleased that the poor creatures were on the floor, gasping as they tried to find more water so they can survive. A number of the fish seemed to have given up and just lay still in one place while there were also a lot that struggled to move around.

Photo credit: UNILAD / Facebook

This isn’t funny. This is a creature dying, gasping for its last few breaths.. Nothing is wrong with showing some compassion people, whether it be for a human, a dog, a fish, or a worm, they all have purpose on this Earth, just like you and I. Some of you I question whether you really do have purpose, but you’re here for a reason! Maybe the reason is to show people what kind of person you SHOULDN’T be. :),” one netizen wrote.

But many also bashed the ‘bleeding hearts’, reminding them that fish are meant to be food and would eventually end up ****, anyway.

I love the comments! Where are all these caring people in real society ? Everyone cries when a fish **** but won’t help when someone is being stabbed, raped or robbed. Gotta love the internet,” another netizen commented.

Photo credit: UNILAD / Facebook

But someone had an explanation why many were not pleased with the jokes the others were making.

How horrrible, why isn’t anyone helping the little fishies??? They are probably destined to end up in someone’s plate anyway, but it’s inhumane to record their suffering and make a joke out of it,” another one preached.

So, what can you say about this video?

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