Video of Girlfriend Baking Cake with iPhoneX Inside as a Gift for Boyfriend’s Birthday Goes Viral

When we are in a relationship, we always want our significant other to feel that they are loved and appreciated, most especially on special dates like birthdays.

A video clip of a Vietnamese girl who baked and decorated a homemade birthday cake for her boyfriend went viral on social media. What seems to be special about a girl who bakes for her boyfriend?

Well, she laid between the layers of the sponge cake a brand new iPhone X which is packed neatly in its box.

Image: World of Buzz

According to World of Buzz, it shows on the video that the sponge cake has a hollow space in the center where the iPhone X was placed. She filled the sides with cream and chocolate.

She covers the cake with white frosting and for decorations, she put bank notes rolled into a cylindrical shape and stuck around the cake on its sides. She also topped it with some fresh strawberries and raspberries and gave the cake with a more personalized touch by writing her boyfriend’s name on it.

The video of this sweet lady got the attention of Vietnamese netizens and went viral in an instant, with some of them tagging their friends probably making a hint that they want the same or more.

Image: World of Buzz

It was really nice to see that there are people who still make effort to make the love of their lives happy. The reaction of her boyfriend, however, was not shown in the video but I’m sure that he was surprised and that he loves it.

If your significant other did exactly what the Vietnamese girl did or even more extravagant, how would you react?