Video of ‘Happy’ Chichiria with Surprising Content Goes Viral, Sparks Hilarious Jokes from Netizens

‘Happy’ is one of the favorite snack items and ‘chichiria’ (junk food) in the Philippines but it seems that not every becomes happy after opening a pack of Happy.

In a video that has now gone viral on Facebook, particularly on Filipino Vines, netizen Pau Cadu shares the ‘unboxing’ of a pack of Happy which had a rather surprising content.

To make sure that they won’t be accused of tampering with the pack, the one who opened the Happy chichiria pack shows to the camera that all sides of the pack are still sealed. Close up shots were taken for effect and evidence.

Screenshot from video by Filipino Vines / Facebook

Once the pack was opened, the guy poured the contents on the table. Alas! It only contained one piece of peanut – well, actually just half a piece! A rip-off, we must say.

The group wasn’t very pleased with the contents of the pack and complained how pricey goods have become these days that your Php1 could only buy you one piece of peanut from Happy instead of receiving a handful like we are supposed to get.

Of course, this was just a rare occurrence and what we could call a factory defect but the group did find it hilarious – and it seems that the internet also found it rather funny, too! To date, the video had been viewed over 3.6 million times in less than a week after it was posted.

The clip also sparked quite a number of hilarious jokes and ‘hugot lines’ from amused netizens.

Check out the clip here (and have fun reading the comments!):

Literal na piso 😂😂😂

Literal na piso isa 😂😂😂
Clip by Pau Cadu #FVTeens #FilipinoVinerRock

Posted by Filipino Vines on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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