Video of ‘Mermaid’ Washed Up on the Shore of a Tropical Island Goes Viral

Do you believe that mermaids exist?

Humans have always been fascinated with mermaids and other mythical creatures such as fairies and dragons but there is very little evidence that would make sceptics believe these creatures are for real.

But are mermaids really just part of people’s wild imaginations or are they for real and living in the depths of the seas where humans haven’t reached yet?

The answer to that might never come until the time when we can explore every inch of the ocean floor! For now, we have to be content in simply believing that these creatures might just be products of our own imagination.

Screenshot from video by Mermaid Melissa / YouTube

Yet there surface from time to time some videos that supposedly claim to be proof of the existence of mermaids. So, when a ‘mermaid’ washed up to shore in a tropical island, its video quickly went viral on YouTube.

Check it out here:

To date, the clip has been viewed 57.5 million times on YouTube! But we really hate to burst your bubble, guys. The mermaid in the photo isn’t a real one.

She is ‘Mermaid Melissa’, a human who loves to dress up as a mermaid and swim at sea like one. Of course, this didn’t stop the video from going viral, anyway, because people really love to pretend mermaids exist for real!

Check out this video of Mermaid Melissa swimming with the creatures of the sea: