Video of People Working Together to Return a Lady’s Hat Goes Viral, Makes Netizens Feel Nostalgic

Many times in these modern days, we hear older people compare the much simpler, kinder life their generation enjoyed back in the day when they were still younger and people were more compassionate.

They would often say that people genuinely cared for each other and helped out those in need, without waiting for anything in return – especially not getting selfies and posting their ‘good deeds’ on social media for their friends to ‘like’.

While we can sadly say that the old ones got it right and that people have become too cynical to help others, there are moments that prove things aren’t always as dark as we think they might be.

Take for example this heartwarming video taken at a multi-level parking lot filled with people watching the Houston Astros World Series champions parade. It was the first time the Astros won the World Series championship and there were certainly a lot of people wanted to join the celebration for their huge success.

Photo credit: LADbible / Facebook

But while the highlight of the event was the Astros parading down the streets, there was a short and rather simple break in the moment when a woman dropped her hat from high above the building – and everyone scrambled to help her get it back.

We might say that we, humans, have become selfish yet these people showed that there’s still hope in humanity.

With outstretched hands, people tried their best to catch the hat as those below began to toss it up, back to its amused owner. There were times when the throw would miss or the person trying to catch the thing actually sends it back down but it was quite fun to watch them all try to send it up to the owner.

Some people might say this video was getting too much publicity over nothing but a lady’s hat yet many were pleased to say that they did enjoy the simple film because it showed that even in this dreary, selfish world, there’s still hope in humanity after all…

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