Creepy Video Shows People Walking towards Airplane, Even if Jet Bridge is Not Connected to the Terminal!

A video taken of a busy jet bridge is making rounds on social media after netizens realized something creepy: there were people walking toward the aircraft even if the jet bridge wasn’t actually connected to the terminal!

At first glance, you might think that this was just a passenger’s travel video, taken while they were walking towards an airplane but upon close inspection, you would notice that the ones on the clip were walking rather strangely – as if they were zombies, perhaps?

But it would surely give you goosebumps when you finally notice that the jet bridge wasn’t even connected to anything at all! Its entrance portion was hanging out in the air – and that would get you asking, where did all those people come from?

Photo credit: Richard Ker / Facebook

Well, we don’t really have any idea how to answer that question, either. As with the 11.5 million netizens who viewed the video and asked the same question, we don’t have an answer. Perhaps these were actually people from another dimension? Or could these be ghosts of people who died in a crash from some long ago accident? Hmmmm.

This clip was supposedly taken last July 30 at Phuket International Airport in Phuket, Thailand but some netizens believe this was fake. Do you think this video was really just created to make the people appear like ghosts? That’s a possibility, of course, but what if it really did happen for real?

Check out this video and tell us what you think…