Vietnamese Teen Receives Painful Ass Whooping from Mother After Borrowing $88 to Celebrate Girlfriend’s Birthday

When we really love someone, we do everything to make them feel so special, most especially on their special days like birthdays.

A 15-year-old Vietnamese teenager borrowed a huge amount of money from a loan shark to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday in a grand manner. According to World of Buzz, the teen reportedly borrowed 2,000,000 Vietnam Dong (around $88). His mother didn’t know anything about his debt.

Image: World of Buzz

So, how did she find out? Well, the loan shark went to their house on February 8 to collect the money. The mother, unfortunately, doesn’t have enough money to repay her son’s debt but she promised that she will settle the debt once she has the money.

The mother became so angry, she immediately grabbed a cane and started hitting her son while reprimanding him. The boy just stood there and accepted these painful lashes, knowing that it was his fault after all.

The video of the mom punishing the teenager was caught on video and was uploaded to social media; it then became viral. Netizens who watched the video assumed that the mother works in a factory because of her outfit.

Image: World of Buzz

Netizens expressed their thoughts about what had happened. Some are really disappointed with what the boy had done, knowing that his mother is working hard to put food on the table and some are also blaming the loan shark.

“The loan shark who loaned the boy money is to be blamed as well. Who in their right mind would loan a 15-year-old boy money?” a netizen commented.

Though the teenager could be considered as a good boyfriend, he should consider their family’s situation first. Nonetheless, let’s just hope that the mother is able to repay the loan shark soon to avoid penalties.