Vietnamese Women Grab Fake Marriage Services, Avoid Social Stigma of Getting Pregnant out of Wedlock

Women getting pregnant out of wedlock have been widely increasing throughout the world. In most countries who have a more conservative cultures, women who get pregnant before marriage get unbearable criticism and, worse, disowned by their very own families.

Women in the country of Vietnam may have found the solution in avoiding the social stigma – having their very own fake wedding with fake grooms and guests for a certain amount of cash.

This unusual ‘tradition’ has been around in Vietnam for decades but people in Vietnam rarely talk about it; but now, it’s becoming popular. Fake marriage may be expensive but it is the most effective way to save their pride and avoid abortion. Some offer five-year plans that allow clients to rehire their ‘husbands’ for various occasions and maintain the illusion that they have been married longer.

Image: Oddity Central

A woman named Thong, 23, considered faking a marriage when she was five months pregnant and was waiting outside an abortion clinic with her mother. Since her boyfriend broke up with her soon after learning her condition, her mother, who experienced public shaming as a single mother decided to bring her daughter to the clinic to spare her from what she had been through. But Thong was able to come across an advertisement for fake grooms while searching for other options on her smartphone.

In desperate need of a better solution, she called the number on the ad and then she found out Nguyen Van Thien, the manager of Hanoi bridal service company who had been in the business for over a decade. She offered to throw the wedding party for free.

Image: Oddity Central

The VIP package offered by Nguyen would cost VND 98 million ($4,300). The wedding turned out to be a success and Thong’s mother thanked them for saving Thong’s baby.

According to VN Express, Van Thien revealed that they had rented out grooms to over 1,000 women in the last 10 years. Last year, they held over 15 weddings a month.

He also said that majority of his clients were women who got pregnant out of wedlock but he also offers weddings for lesbians who don’t want to come out to their families.

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