Viral Photo: Quick-thinking Cop Saves Choking Newborn’s Life

He was just at the right place at the right time – but we all believe Officer Donald Venable is a hero, anyway. The police officer, who was responding to a domestic dispute in Sunland, New Mexico, heard reports over the radio that a newborn baby was choking just two blocks away from his location.

The quick-thinking officer quickly went to the scene, possibly leaving the domestic dispute for a while, to perform a life-saving measure on the baby. He was trained to save a life and that’s exactly what he did when he knew about the choking baby, says Sunland Park Police Department Chief Jaime Reyes. The police chief also said Officer Venable was at the right place at the right time.

Photo credit: Sky News
Photo credit: Sky News

It was another officer who snapped the photo and posted it on Facebook where, as expected, it had quickly gone viral. When asked why he left rushed to the scene to save the baby even if he was not dispatched/instructed to do it, the officer said, “Any of my brothers and sisters in blue would have done the same thing. As cliche as it sounds it’s what we are here for, to protect and serve.

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