Viral Photo: “Umbrella Dad” Gets Soaked in the Rain Just So His Child Stays Dry

They only had one umbrella but it was raining hard; so, one dad did something that touched thousands of netizens across the world. He held the umbrella over his son while he walked in the rain.

It did not matter to this awesome dad that his suit, his leather briefcase, and just about every inch of him was soaked wet by the downpour as long as his child stayed dry! It was a sacrifice that any dad would willingly do for his kid but was made more poignant by this touching photo.

The picture clearly captured the dad’s wet clothes and the child’s dry ones.

This photo was originally captioned: What is Love? hope the son just grows up to realize how lucky he is... Pay it forward Photo credit: Anonymous/Reddit
This photo was originally captioned: “What is Love? hope the son just grows up to realize how lucky he is… Pay it forward”
Photo credit: Anonymous/imgur

Most of the redditors who commented on the photo (first shared on imgur) applauded the dad for his sacrifice. They also hoped that the child will understand the love behind this profound photo. Many also wanted to know who this kind “Umbrella Dad” is since he was not identified in the post.

Although there are those who criticized the dad for not picking up the child so both of them could stay dry under the umbrella, many also point out just how difficult that would be since the man was carrying a briefcase which doesn’t appear to have a sling he could use.

Bashers aside, this truly was a touching photo that shows just how much a dad is willing to sacrifice for the well-being of their children…

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