VIRAL POST: If Filipino Presidential Aspirants were Nurses… This is Funny!

With the upcoming elections in the Philippines, we can find a lot of reports and stories pertaining to big event – but there are also plenty of hilarious spoofs and memes, most especially about the candidates involved in the big race to the country’s top post.

One of these popular creations was by Winston Saddul whose post was picked up by blog, The DailyPedia. The blog created superb graphics incorporating Saddul’s descriptions about the presidential candidates. Because many believe that the descriptions were spot on, this quickly went viral on social media. Check them out here, in alphabetical order:

Jejomar Binay

According to the post, Binay is the nurse who came from another ward; he claims that the other ward had become a good one because of him, in allusion to Binay’s claims that he made Makati City a progressive, wonderful city.

The post also takes a potshot at Binay’s corruption cases, saying he’s the type of nurse wherein supplies get lost when he is on duty yet he would never admit he took them even if only the two of you were on duty and you’re quite sure you didn’t get those supplies.

Miriam Defensor-Santiago

In the post, Defensor-Santiago was praised for being brilliant. She’s described as the nurse who also holds a PhD MAN MAEd, MPH; and she is more intelligent than the Head Nurse and some doctors, too.

Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte is described as the ‘lovable’ nurse; when he is on duty, the patients and other nurses are happy. He is fit in the emergency room and is also a reliable companion if you are going home after night duty because you know he is there to defend you from the bad elements in society.

The feisty mayor from Davao City is also described as the nurse who would defend you from the doctors or whoever, as long as he knows you are in the right.

Grace Poe

As a newbie in politics, Poe has earned flak from a lot of people. In the post, she is described as the US Registered Nurse (in allusion to her being a US Citizen) who wants to be assigned in the ICU even if she still does not have experience yet.

Mar Roxas

Roxas has long been a nurse; he is described as the nurse who is in excellent terms with the Chief Nurse and Admin.

VIRAL: If Presidential Candidates were Nurses |

Posted by The Dailypedia on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What do you think of these descriptions? Many are saying that this post is clearly biased and that Saddul clearly favors either Duterte or Defensor-Santiago…