VIRAL: Soldier Divides Own Meal into Four So He Could Share with Three Street Kids

While stationed outside a Jollibee outlet in Isabela City in Basilan, Philippines, a soldier was photographed dividing his meal into four so he could share it with the three street kids who were waiting at his table.

The touching moment was captured on camera by Karlo Ignacio, a reporter of radio station dxNO, who was on their building’s rooftop to get some fresh air.

Photo credit: Facebook/Karlo Ignacio
Photo credit: Facebook/Karlo Ignacio

The commander of the Joint Task Group Basilan, Col. Rolando Bautista, would later identify the soldier as 26-year-old Cpl. Ryan Santos of the 8th Field Artillery Battalion station. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reached a surprised Bautista for comment. The soldier said he did not expect that someone took a picture of his good deed and that the post has now gone viral on social media.

According to Bautista whose mother is jobless and whose father is a retired soldier, the fast food chain’s management had given him the food. When he was about to eat, he noticed three children eyeing his food. They did not say a word but they kept staring at his food. So, he called them over.

Since he only had one serving and did not have money to buy more, he told the kids they just have to divide the food into four so they could all eat. Growing up poor, the native of Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija said he can easily empathize with the children.

I know the feeling of being poor and hungry. Back at home, even if we have little food on the table, my parents divided it equally, we eat it together,” Bautista revealed.