VIRAL VIDEO: As Everyone Pokes Fun at the iPhone 7, This Guy Shares Video of How It Should Have Been Announced

Apple had recently released its latest flagship phone, the iPhone 7 – and just like most of its predecessors, its release has been met with plenty of laughs and ******* from non-iPhone fans. For them, the iPhones are not just overpriced phones, these also have technology that are far behind the much cheaper android phones.

Screenshot of video by Charles the French
Screenshot of video by Charles the French

So, each time that Apple releases a new phone, it is always met with plenty of jokes and memes – but despite the fact that iPhones are among the most ridiculed phones in the world, they are also among the best sellers! And fans continue to line up in stores just to be among the ‘lucky’ ones who could get their hands on the latest Apple gadgets first!

With the iPhone 7’s release, many hilarious videos were released, poking fun at its features and stuff. Check out this one from Charles the French which has already garnered 41 million views!

How the iPhone 7 Should Have Been AnnouncedHow the iPhone 7 Should Have Been Announced #iphone7

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Posted by Charles The French on Thursday, September 8, 2016