Viral Video Depicts How ‘Dating Someone Who Does Not Use Social Media’ Becomes a Modern Day Horror Story

Social media has taken over the world whether you like it or not. We can all agree that there are levels of how deep you are inside the social media world. However, what happens if you meet someone who is totally out of the social media world?

How would you react if someone you are dating does not use social media at all? Image: YouTube / Comic Relief

A popular vlog in YouTube, Comic Relief, created a video depicting how dating someone who does not use social media can become a modern day horror story.

For someone who is ‘totally’ living in the social media world, what would dating someone who has ‘zero’ social media look like?

Imagine doing a selfie on a date and finally discovering that you cannot tag him because he has no Facebook. This means that you won’t have an overview of what type of person he is nor you can check on the records of his previous relationships.

You won’t know what he eats at lunch because he has no Instagram to post food pictures. His opinions are shared only to the nearest person because he does not have Twitter.

How would you know what he eats for lunch when he doesn’t post it on Instagram? Image: YouTube / Comic Relief

The only traces of his past are printed in a photo album and the pictures are not even ‘filtered’. There is no way you would know how other people feel about the pictures because there is no ‘comments’ section in photo albums.

Your friends will never know anything about him because they cannot trace a single ‘digital footprint’. He is someone who doesn’t ‘exist’ unless he shows up in person.

Trying to know someone who is not in Social Media is like cracking a case. Image: YouTube / Comic Relief

Alright, the video is definitely an exaggeration but it is definitely a funny reality check on how deeply social media has become a part of our lives.