Waitress shares heartwarming courtesy of her gradeschooler customers

  • A waitress in a restaurant in Michigan shared that her faith in future generations was restored because of a group of gradeschoolers
  • The 6th grade boys went to the restaurant to eat and they were extremely polite even if they had no guardian with them
  • Another customer noticed this and decided to pay for their bill

A waitress in Michigan said her faith in future generations has been restored after she experienced the heartwarming courtesy of seven 6th grade boys in the restaurant she was working for.

Image via Facebook | Nicole Marie

Nicole Marie shared her experience on Facebook. She said the boys went in and asked if their money was enough to cover 40 wings and pops.

“I looked around confused, wondering where their parents were. I asked if they were alone and they said ‘yes and we have been looking forward to this for weeks,’” Nicole said.

What struck her was the courteousness that the boys exhibited when they were dealing with her even if they had no guardians to remind them to put on their best behavior.

Image via Facebook | Nicole Marie

“They were so excited and were EXTREMELY polite the whole entire time, using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and trying to make it as easy as possible for me to get their order; they even told me they will tip well,” Nicole narrated. “One of the boys even told his friend to get off the phone when I was talking to them!”

It turns out that the waitress was not the only one who noticed their courtesy because another customer paid their bill and told them to pay it forward.

Nicole also took a photo of how the boys left their table — clean and organized. “I just wanted to give a big props to the parents of these boys- keep doing what you’re doing,” she ended.

Good job, kids! Congratulations to your parents as they are doing things right.

Source: Facebook