Wake Your Friends Up With These Crazy and Hilarious Wake-up Pranks!

Does your brother/sister annoy you first thing in the morning? Does your roommate want you to wake them up at an unnaturally early hour? There are times when you just want to be invisible first thing in the morning just so you could avoid getting up in the morning, especially the early hours.

I was browsing Youtube for ideas on wake-up pranks when I came across this compilation. From waking up to the sound of farting in front of your face, getting doused with ice-cold water, waking up to gun sounds, waking up to fireworks beside you…you name ’em.

If you’re looking for new innovative, crazy and funny ways and pranks to pull on your friends and family as they sleep, you’ve come to the right post!

Watch this epic, funny and hilarious compilation of wake-up pranks by Youtube user¬†ViralFails’Vines.