Born 3.5 Months Premature and Weighing Just 1.5 lbs, This Baby Defies the Odds…Great Miracle!

Premature babies have a lower chance of survival because their bodies are not fully developed yet. Thankfully, advances in the field of medicine and technology have helped give these babies a better chance of surviving the odds.

Let’s take baby Ward Miles for example. He was born 3.5 months premature and only weighed 1.5 lbs. He was very small. Lots of tubes were connected to his body so his condition can be constantly monitored while inside the neonatal ICU where he spent a total of 107 days.

Ward is fighter, though. He was able to beat his battles in the NICU and was soon free to go home. After defying the odds, Ward grew up as an active baby.

Here’s the video his dad, photographer Benjamin Scot Miller, made for his first birthday…Heartwarming!