WATCH: A River in Spain Turns Green, Raising Fears of Toxic Contamination

A river in Spain has turned green causing alarm to the residents of Catalonia region in Spain. The residents have feared possible toxic contamination on the river.

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Fortunately, this not yet a post-apocalyptic-like scenario and the Spanish authorities have assured that there was no contamination and that the green color was just caused by a dye.

Albert Batalla, the mayor of Seu d’Urgell has confirmed that the coloring dye was harmless, non-toxic and biodegradable. He also revealed that the incident is not an accident and it was done in purpose.

The river was intentionally colored as part of an investigation at the Arinsal water bottling plant. The plant was linked to an incident that has made thousands of people sick due to a gastroenteritis bug.

According to the Andorran Ministry of Health, the green river has no environmental impact other than the visual effect. The harmless dye was used to help identify sources of contamination.

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