WATCH: A Shark Gets Inside a Cage with Someone Still Inside!

A group of people went cage diving but they got more than what they had bargained for when a shark slammed into one of the cages while a person was still inside! The resulting moments were chaotic as the shark got confused and thrashed hard inside the cage.

Thankfully, a quick-thinking person opened the hatch and the shark was able to get out after a few more thrashing around.

The clip was shared on social media by YouTube channel, Gabe and Garrett; while it was a kid’s channel, the siblings weren’t actually in that video as it was their dad who took the trip to Guadalupe Island off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula to go cage diving.

According to him, the shark was not actually going after the person in the cage but was trying to munch on tuna chunks placed near the cage. It was unfortunate that the shark had slammed so hard on the side of the cage that it ended up inside the cage.

Since sharks can’t swim backwards, it got really scared and thrashed around.

Thankfully, it was able to get out and the person inside the cage was unharmed. A trained diver, the person remained calm and stayed at the bottom of the cage, only swimming upwards when the shark was gone.

Sadly, the shark seems to have gotten injured in the ordeal but it still was a good thing that the person inside the cage was alive.

Watch the scary footage here: