WATCH: Adorable Baby Whale Goes Near a Tour Group for Kisses and a Belly Rub!

A tour group sailing the seas in Magdalena Bay in the western coast of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur has experienced something that all of them wouldn’t likely forget in their lifetime.

While the group was checking out the scenery, an adorable baby whale comes out of the water and goes near the boat and was immediately met with enthusiastic cheers from the humans. Encouraged by the warm welcome and somewhat curious about the people on the boat, this little whale moved closer.

But the group would soon erupt in wild cheers as the whale seemed to ask for kisses and a belly rub from the humans – and one of them readily obliged. The group cheered as the guy named Chris gave the baby whale a few kisses and some belly rubs!

Screenshot from video by Todos Santos Eco Adventures / Love What Matters – Facebook

They teased a woman named Lisa that she has some serious competition there with the whale as the creature appears to be smitten!

Of course, it was all a joke and the whale would later swim away but it was indeed an awesome experience that they would surely remember for the rest of their lives…

Watch the sweet video here: