WATCH: Adorable Video of Baby ‘Singing’ “Oh Holy Night” Goes Viral

It’s Christmas! The season calls for songs of love and cheer – and it’s always the season to have a great time.

Well, one dad just had fun with his baby by making the child ‘sing’ to “Oh Holy Night”.

Well, it was obvious on the video that dad was actually Andrew Killingsworth was actually the one doing the singing and that he was just wiggling the baby’s chin to make the child appear to be singing yet the result was so adorable that it would soon go viral on Facebook.

Within just a week after it was posted, the baby’s adorable video has been viewed for over 38 million times! It also received more than 410k reactions – thankfully, none ‘angry’ – and close to 680k shares as well as 196k comments.

This is so funny and cute – and it’s guaranteed to brighten up your day! What can you say about this clip?


Andrew Killingsworth

Posted by Ashley Killingsworth on Monday, December 12, 2016

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