WATCH: Adorable Video of Drowsy Toddler Eating Spaghetti While Trying to Fight Sleep

A toddler has become the internet’s latest star; though for reasons you don’t usually expect in viral videos. She got featured on several Facebook pages, sharing the video of her eating spaghetti – but the circumstances are somewhat different from how people normally eat spaghetti (that would be quite boring to watch, I’m sure) so the clip quickly went viral.

In the video, the young girl could be seen messily eating spaghetti from the tray on her feeding chair but because she was so drowsy, she had her eyes closed while she ate – and she continued eating the delicious mess despite the fact that she looked like she really was half asleep!

There were moments when she nodded off as if already asleep but wakes up just in time to make another bite before rolling off to sleep. LOL!

This kid is truly adorable!

Screenshot fro video shared by Viral Thread
Screenshot fro video shared by Viral Thread

But while this video was such a cute and adorable clip of a drowsy child trying to eat, it did receive its fair share of ******* from the internet (as expected). The clip became a subject of parenting debate over what’s wrong and what’s right in feeding the kids and stuff like that.

Many people could not help but comment why she wasn’t wearing any clothes (understandable because her mom knew she would make such a mess!), why she was eating off a tray and not from a plate (because a falling plate of spaghetti would make more mess?), why she was eating with her hands (because it’s safer than using a fork in this situation?), and why her parents let hear continued doing what’s she’s doing instead of giving her a bath and letting her sleep in peace (because they did that afterwards – what’s a few minutes of having fun, anyway?)!

What do you think of this clip?

When you need sleep but spaghetti is lifeZzz’s are good but… food is better

Credit: Viralvideouk

Posted by Viral Thread on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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