WATCH: Amazing Rescue Mission for Wild Leopard Trapped in a Large Well

When they heard weird cries of help coming from inside a large well, the villagers of Mudrady Village in Udupi, Karnataka in India, were surprised to see a leopard trapped inside. The ledge it was standing on was quite narrow and the well was deep.

The frightened animal was holding on for dear life but the villagers could not just jump and push it up. After all, this was a wild creature with sharp teeth and powerful jaws. It could easily swipe a person down on his feet with its strong paws.

So, the villagers called the authorities. They helped one another find ways to free the poor animal. It took various methods to finally free the leopard. It was placed inside a cage and sent to a treatment facility as its paws were wounded.

After the animal was deemed alright, it was successfully sent back to the wild.

Check out the amazing rescue mission here: