WATCH: Angry Husband Fills Cheating Wife’s Prized Car with Cement, Receives Mixed Reactions

Cheating is a serious offense in any relationship. But getting back at the cheating partner is not always easy, even if you have evidence because the case could drag in court and cost you a lot of money. If you aren’t married yet, then the case wouldn’t even hold water in court.

So, how do you exact revenge on a cheating partner?

For many, they just let the incident go and forgive their partner because they want to stay in the relationship. Others break up with the cheating partner and eventually move on. But there are those who aren’t content with just doing that – they really want revenge!

In Russia, an angry husband was filmed filling his cheating wife’s prized Chevrolet car with cement. The incident happened in broad daylight, at the parking lot of St. Petersburg supermarket, with quite a number of curious people watching.

Screenshot from video by Ahtuba TV / YouTube

The now viral footage shows the husband directing the spout of a cement mixer towards the driver’s seat of his wife’s red car.

The man reportedly wanted to punish his wife for cheating on him, something that she had supposedly admitted. But their relationship problems did not stop there.

A supermarket named “Verny” had a promo that promised to offer its loyal customers with 50,000 rubles (or $880) a month if they legally change their name to “Verny” or “Vernaya”. This man’s wife reportedly changed her surname from that of her husband to the store’s name.

Ironically, “Verny” means faithful and “Vernaya” means faithful one in Russia! Angered that his cheating wife would change her surname to that which means “faithful”, the man cemented her car as punishment.

Screenshot from video by Ahtuba TV / YouTube

The incident gained mixed reactions from netizens, with many horrified that the husband would do that to such an expensive item. Others took his side, saying cheating should never be defended and the wife’s punishment is quite adequate.

Some suggested he should have taken her to court, instead, as he might be the one jailed now for destruction of private property. After all, he can’t deny that because there were a lot of witnesses and the video has gone viral!

What do you think?