WATCH: Awesome Scene-Stealers from the National Costume Show of Miss Universe

The pageant world is busy over the Miss Universe pageant on January 30 but netizens already have their own bets, the beauties they think will make it to the top tier and be crowned as this year’s Miss Universe in a pageant hosted by the Philippines.

The candidates went through a lot of activities these past few days, including mini-tours around the country, fashion shows, bikini competition, and the much-awaited national costume show where they were expected to showcase the best costumes to represent their respective countries.

Screenshot from video by CNN Philippines

While many of the candidates chose more subdued and simple-but-elegant gowns, others got more creative with their attires and dressed up like birds, buildings, or even a theater for a puppet show!

Check out this video from CNN Philippines for some of the scene-stealers during the National Costume Show for this year’s Miss Universe:


Take a look at some of the scene-stealers from the Miss Universe national costume show.

Posted by CNN Philippines on Friday, January 27, 2017

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