Watch Baby’s Adorable Reaction as She Clearly Sees Her Parents for the First Time

Although babies are born with eyesight limited to just a few feet, this is eventually improved as the baby grows. Within a few months, babies are able to clearly see objects located several feet away. However, there are times when the eyesight does not become fully developed within the timeframe it is supposed to follow. In such cases, outside intervention might be needed so that corrections can be implemented to help the child.

This is what happened to Piper Sinclair. She is just 10 months old but Piper badly needed a pair of glasses because her eyesight has not fully developed and she was having a difficult time doing things that kids her age can do well, such as crawl with proper coordination.

After her parents brought her to an eye doctor, Piper was given prescription glasses. Watch her adorable reaction as she clearly sees her parents for the first time:

Source :

SF Globe

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