WATCH: Born Without Arms, This Musician Taught Himself to Play the Guitar with His Feet!

Mark Goffeney of San Diego, California was born without arms but because he loved music, he overcame this huge challenge and taught himself how to play musical instruments using his feet!

If you know how to play the guitar or seen how it is played, then you understand how difficult it must have been for Goffeney to learn how to play the instrument yet he managed to do it.

By Big Toe [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
He would start a band named ‘Big Toe’ after his nickname – and he would become one of the most inspiring people in the music industry. After all, how many people can you name who knew how to play the guitar with their feet, eh?

And by ‘play’, we mean really make it sound like it is supposed to do!

Just check out this beautiful music and be amazed by this talented man who did not make his disability stop him from doing something wonderful:


Mark Goffeney was born with no arms, but his passion made him overcome all barriers that prevented him from becoming a great musician 😊👏🏻

Posted by NTD Television on Friday, February 10, 2017

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