WATCH: Born Without Fingers, This Young Pianist Proves Nothing is Impossible as He Plays Complicated Music Piece!

A lot of us complain about the things in our life but let us all be reminded that there are people who have far worse circumstances than what we have – and we shouldn’t look down on them, either, but rather use them as inspiration in our lives…

Take for example this young Russian teen who was born without fingers. People like him would never become painters or pianists or just about anything that requires the use of fingers right? Wrong! This young man has proven to everyone that nothing is impossible to those who try!

Screenshot from video shared by NTD.TV / Facebook
Screenshot from video shared by NTD.TV / Facebook

Today, he is such an accomplished pianist that he could play complicated music pieces without missing a note – and listening to him play music seems quite impossible considering he doesn’t have fingers yet he managed to do it, anyway.

We could only imagine how difficult it must have been for him to learn how to play the piano but all his hard work and efforts paid off in the end…

Listen to this piece with your eyes closed and you would surely not know that the person playing the piano didn’t have fingers!

He was born without fingers, but that hasn’t stopped him performing at the highest level ✨👏

Posted by NTD.TV on Wednesday, November 30, 2016