WATCH: Despite Being Half-Blind, Old Lady Travels from Remote Village to the City to Cook Food for Sick Daughter

Upon learning that her daughter is sick, one mom traveled from their remote village to the city just to cook for her – and her story has gone viral because it showed much love and dedication, despite the fact that the old lady was actually going blind due to cataracts!

In the video based on a true story, Zhang Yulian had to walk several miles from their remote home and cross some rivers to reach the highway so she could take a bus to the city. She spent hours on the road and when she did arrive in the city, she had to ask people if they knew her daughter as she didn’t actually know where she lives.

Screenshot from video by Asian Crush TV / Facebook

After days of searching, she finally reached her daughter’s home but she would soon feel unwelcome in the house. Her granddaughter was afraid to go near her – plus she had so many mini ‘accidents’ in the house and didn’t even cook the chicken correctly.

Dismayed, the old lady decided to go back home.

Two weeks later, the daughter finally went to visit her old mother and it was there that she realized her mom was going blind! It was a tear-jerking moment but we’re quite glad she didn’t arrive too late. We hope the old lady got her sight back…

The clip, shared by Asian Crush, came with the touching caption, “We’re busy growing up but we forget that they’re growing old.

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Posted by Asian Crush on Thursday, February 2, 2017

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