WATCH: Despite Having No Arms, This Man Earns a Living by Building Toys Using His Feet!

While there are many ‘regular’ people with complete body parts who choose to earn money the easy way by robbing other people, there are also those who work hard to earn an honest living despite having disabilities, even disabilities that could have hindered them from working properly!

Take for example one man who makes and sells toy cars in downtown Cajazeiras in the state of Paraíba, Brazil. Despite having no arms (and, therefore, no hands), he is able to earn an honest living by building toys using his feet!

Of course, it is rather difficult to believe that he could do that – and many skeptics would say that surely he had help from others and was just selling the toys while trying to pass them off as something he made.

Screenshot from video by UNILAD / Facebook

Well, this video from UNILAD will dispel such thoughts because from this clip, it was easy to see just how he made the wooden toys by himself! Amazingly, he taught himself to use his feet in lieu of hands – and he could grip a saw or hammer with it to make the toys!

Damn, that moment you know he is a better builder than you.. Because you can’t even make a car with hands… Respect to this man,” wrote Niels van Kleef, the top commenter on the post.

Another one confirmed that the man was from Brazil, revealing that the toys are sold at $3 each. Upon learning that the toys are being sold cheaply, others expressed desire to buy them at a higher price since those toys are surely worth at least $10 especially because they were so skillfully made not by hand by using this man’s feet!

Check out this video and be amazed at this man’s skills:

Armless Man Builds And Sells Toy Cars

He’s making a living despite his disability 👏

via Caters News Agency

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, February 2, 2017

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